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Of the companies that lose their data in a disaster, nearly 50% never reopen their doors at all! We prevent that from happening to businesses! …through the best online data protection services in the world as a Channel Partner to HP/Autonomy.

Data is THE critical business asset of the new millennium.

If you are concerned about patient or customer privacy and security, want to keep your data safe and secure, need to comply with your industry regulations and want to focus on business growth, not on the plumbing, then you have come to the right place!

Are our online data back up services right for you?

While all businesses will benefit from our services, highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, law firms and insurance agencies hugely benefit from Online Data Backup and Recovery.

DataMountain offers Virtual Storage, Automated Online Backup, HIPAA Compliance, SOX Compliance, GLBA Compliance, Connected Desktop/Laptop Backup, LiveVault Server Backup  services at the very best LiveVault prices.

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