Comparison Chart

Comparison Features: Online vs Traditional Backup

The chart below illustrates the differences between online backup and traditional tape or disk backup.

Feature Benefit to you
Tape or Disk
Automated Backup Complete and accurate backups of all data and system files is performed on a scheduled or continuous basis without user intervention  Yes No
Remote Storage Ensures that all files are securely stored away from your physical location in the event of fire, theft, etc.  Yes No
Multiple Retention Periods Allows the computer system files to be rolled back to a point in time when the system was known to be working correctly  Yes No
Security All backup files are securely encrypted at your computer before transmission or taken off-site and stored in that format to ensure the confidentiality of your data  Yes No
Easy and fast File Recovery All files are readily available online for quick and easy retrieval 24/7 using either desktop software or a web-based interface  Yes No
Multiple File Versions A minimum of ten versions of all files are safely stored should you need to retrieve a prior version of any file  Yes No
Cost Effective No hardware to buy, upgrade and repair and no consumable media to worry about. In addition, the automated backups free up your time to focus on your business, rather than your data backup  Yes No

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