Why Online Backup and Recovery

Top Ten Reasons for Online Backup and Recovery

Reason #1: Continuous Backup

Online backup backs up your data on an automatic — rather than on a scheduled — basis. This means that as data changes, those byte-level changes are transmitted across the Internet to a secure, off-site remote server facility. In the event of a disaster, companies can restore data from moments before the disaster.

With tape-based backup you won’t be so fortunate. Your last good tape-backup may be 24 hours old to a week old.

Reason #2: Automatic Off-site Data Protection

Data Mountain’s disk-based online backup and recovery uses your current Internet connection to automatically get and backup data off site. This way, data is immediately off the premises just minutes after it’s been created. No matter what type of disaster strikes a business, the company can restore data from moments before the disaster happened.

Too many businesses keep their tapes on the premises, which exposes them to risk from fire or flood. Some businesses expect an employee to take the tapes home, leaving your data’s security to the reliability of the person on any given day.

Reason #3: Guaranteed Backup Recovery

Because online backup and recovery removes the problems that businesses encounter with tape-based backup, Data Mountain is able to guarantee the restorability of all the data a business expects to get back. It’s important to ask any backup service if they guarantee the recovery — rather than the backup — of data. After all, if you can’t recover your data following a disaster, what good was the backup in the first place?

Reason #4: No Equipment to Buy, Lease, or Operate

With Data Mountain you don’t need to worry about tapes, tape drives, backup software, plug-ins, open file managers, maintenance contracts, or off-site storage. There are no mundane, ease-to-forget daily tasks that you must perform. You just let the backup process run in the background and let Data Mountain worry about everything else. Online backup and recovery also scales up or down based on your business’ requirements. Online backup and recovery automatically adjusts to your business’ requirements.

Reason #5: 'Round the Clock' Expert Management

In a data loss emergency (small or large), you can call on data recovery experts to ensure that you can survive any disaster. Data Mountain provides a fully managed service in which data protection specialists monitor the progress of all backup and restore operations. Data Mountain professionals are available 24x7x365 to help customers with any issues. Customers are also contacted proactively in the event of problems in the backup process, assuring the customer that its backup is always being performed correctly.

Reason #6: Immediate Restores

Data Mountain gives your business file restorability within minutes and complete data restorability within hours. Because your data is stored off-site, via the Internet you can direct that restore to any computer, anywhere in the country, immediately.

Not so with tape. Restoring a simple word-processing file, for example, takes hours with tape.

Reason #7: New and Impending Regulations

Whether it be Sarbannes-Oxley, HIPAA, or any of the other myriad regulations impacting your business, Data Mountain helps you comply effortlessly. With our backup and recovery service you:

  • Store your data off-site, well away from any potential disaster to your geographic region.
  • Transport and store your data with the highest level of encryption.
  • Access your data only through your password and encryption key. This ensures complete privacy of data (even we can’t access your data readably).
  • Have instant access to records that are many years old (however long you specify).
  • Store your data in HP/Autonomy data centers with the highest physical and electronic security standards.

Reason #8: Free Up IT Time

Face it — backup and recovery is a time-consuming, tedious chore. And most I.T. people, while they know they have to protect their data, have other projects they’d rather focus on that add real value to the business. Instead of tying up I.T. time in the evening to attempt backup, and still more in the morning reviewing logs and troubleshooting, Data Mountain works on autopilot using a company’s existing Internet connection.

With Data Mountain, you and your I.T. staff can be spending your time more productively.

Reason #9: Competitive Advantage

These days, your data is your business. Continuous, guaranteed access to all your data all the time is essential to being competitive; to respond faster, more proactively, and more knowledgeably to your customers.

Data Mountain gives you access to all your data and a leg up against the competition.

Reason #10: Tape Just Doesn't Work

Suppose you have a server crash. Will you be able to restore your data? With tape you have 50-50 odds. Analysts estimate up to half the time, recovery from tape fails. This is due to a variety of reasons, including human error, bad tapes, software bugs and more.

Data Mountain eliminates the dangers inherent in tape-based backup. The online back up and recovery process is fully automated so there is no possibility for human error. It also replaces tapes, using a business’ existing Internet connection to automatically and securely back up data to a safe, remote off-site location.