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Data Mountain LLC is a Corporate member dedicated to helping all PAHCOM members with the best data protection services in the world.

We welcome you and encourage you to visit our site to explore how we can help medical practices with risk management through our data protection services.  With our best-pedigree services, we can help you manage risks in the following areas: HIPAA-HITECH regulatory compliance risks, disaster recovery, business continuity risks, legal risks and financial risks.

As a member of the HP/Autonomy Digital Channel Partner family, we serve over 120,000 businesses of all sizes all over the world.

Electronic Medical Record systems (EMRs) are the future of healthcare in America.  A critical step in the EMR implementation process is to ensure that your practice is HIPAA-HITECH compliant and protected against a data loss or data breach event.

We are a leading provider of online data backup and recovery services for Practice Management Systems and Electronic Medical Record software and data bases. Over half of our customers are Covered Entities just like you and they are using our LiveVault® server backup services.  By working closely with both our clients, we have identified common road blocks and best practices, developed solutions to address them, and have greatly reduced the burden of Data Backup and Recovery on medical office staffs.

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Why Data Mountain for Online Data Backup and Recovery?

  1. We know the HIPAA Security Law and HITECH provisions inside and out!
  2. We are experts and business continuity and disaster recovery planning!
  3. We offer the very best online data backup and recovery services in the world, bar none!
  4. We know the nuances, subtleties and ins and outs of EMR data protection cold!
  5. We backup your entire server to ensure protection and enable the fastest possible recovery!
  6. And, our plans start as low as $142/month for up to 100GBs of data under protection.

Don't ask us, ask our clients…

…your peers in medical practices across the country using LiveVault® to back up their Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) data.

"What we like about LiveVault® is that it requires little effort on our part and in return it provides us with a much higher level of data protection for eClinicalWorks than we had before. With tape backups you must manually perform the backup operations each night which can be problematic and certainly not in pace with current technology. Now, with LiveVault®, it works automatically in the background and on a continuous basis meaning our data is always backed up and recoverable. Today, we literally set it and forget it."

Meg Kendal | Practice Administrator | Rocky Mountain Movement Disorders

"Up until recently, we performed data backups including EPHI using traditional magnetic tape. With the stringent HIPAA SECURITY requirements for exact-copy data and assured recovery, we had serious concerns about continuing to use tape; there are just too many risks. With LiveVault, we have complete confidence that all EPHI and business data is being backed up 24/7 and that we will always be able to restore it. HP/Autonomy helped us become immediately and fully compliant with this aspect of the law."

David Alred, Administrator | MedSouth Healthcare, P.C.

"Our headquarters operations runs lean and efficiently and relies heavily on our computer systems and network to run our operations throughout TN and KY. We had installed traditional tape backups when we installed our servers, but ended up needing one service call after another because of the logs telling us our backups were unsuccessful. Then, one day, it said 'backup successful, with exceptions'. We don't have time to deal with mysterious messages. LiveVault helps us on three fronts: operationally with assured data recovery, with good business risk management and with HIPAA regulatory requirements."

Renae McGregor, COO | Guardian Healthcare Providers, LLC

Let us put these lessons learned to work for your practice and deliver the same peace of mind and outstanding customer service that Data Mountain clients have received for over 5 years. Give us a call today at 800-704-3394 to benefit from our expertise.