Data Backups Could be Your Company's Most Important Decision

More Data? More Choices!

Dear Data-Diligent Reader,

Today most companies are facing challenges when it comes to protecting their data.  There’s more of it.  And protecting the data properly is more important than ever.  But there are also more choices.  How do you decide what is right for you? Start by understanding what your data protection strategy should be.

Your business relies on its data. There’s more of it than ever, but more important, its value keeps multiplying. Companies are putting their information to work in new ways as they connect systems, transform business processes, and extend their relationships over the Internet with customers, partners and suppliers. Unfortunately, the risks from data loss or exposure have grown, too. The always-on world of e-commerce and companies’ increasingly distributed and mobile workforces have made data more vulnerable. Moreover, senior executives have to worry about maintaining regulatory compliance while mitigating the risk of litigation.

Do You Have A Data Protection Strategy? How can you ensure that your company is embracing the right combination of technologies and processes for a complete data protection strategy? Unfortunately, it’s easy to make the wrong choices.  Some companies assume a do-it-yourself approach, which can leave them open to unidentified risks.

An outsourcing partner who provides online disk-based backup can solve a number of the issues that organizations confront when supporting their business continuity, data retention and security requirements. The key advantage is that the data, stored off-site, is protected from unauthorized access and will survive a disaster.

Online backup combines better cost characteristics with superior reliability and world-class security. The great news for smaller businesses and remote offices of larger businesses
is that online disk-based backup services have matured in technology reliability and decreased in cost.  Today, online backup is often less expensive than tape backup alternatives.

Get Ready For Your Annual Data Protection Physical! Companies have different requirements when it comes to their recovery needs, data sensitivity, retention requirements and cost.  And these can evolve and change. Deciding which backup solution, or solutions, to use is just the start of what should be an annual process of testing data protection and recovery strategies to ensure they remain in line with business requirements. A great plan, a great vendor and getting data off-site are a good start, but you need to test the whole process, not only to ensure everyone knows what they are doing but to identify potential gaps in the process that need attention. And as the business changes, your plan needs to change with it to meet any new requirements.  

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