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Data Mountain LLC is a Vendor/Affiliate member dedicated to helping all Nashville Medical Group Management Association members with the best data protection services in the world.

We welcome you and encourage you to visit our site to explore how we can help medical practices with risk management through our data protection services.  With our best-pedigree services, we can help you manage risks in the following areas: HIPAA-HITECH regulatory compliance risks, disaster recovery, business continuity risks, legal risks and financial risks.

As a member of the HP/Autonomy Digital Channel Partner family, we serve over 120,000 businesses of all sizes all over the world.

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How secure and recoverable is your data?
Insuring that all your data is protected, available and recoverable is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Today's businesses must manage both exploding data growth and new regulatory requirements while increasing customer service. Data Mountain specializes in helping companies in all industries protect data so you can focus on developing new business and serving clients.  Lost data exposes you and your clients to poor service and significant financial risk.

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