LiveVault Server Backup

LiveVault Server Online Data Backup and RecoveryLiveVault® Server Online Data Backup & Recovery for:

*Enterprise Remote Offices

*Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

LiveVault server online backup and recovery fully automates and streamlines the protection of your data through the following essential functions:

  • Continuous backup – LiveVault continuously protects your distributed data, from any location, ensuring complete recovery after a loss
  • Fully automated backup – Backups occur automatically over the Internet or via private network connection. No manual staff intervention is required
  • Rapid recovery – A unique DeltaRestore™ technology automatically recovers only the data that has changed since your last backup, accelerating recovery so you can resume operations almost immediately after a data loss
  • Built-in protection of open files and databases – LiveVault provides built-in support for open file and database backup without complex plug-ins or costly third-party tools
  • Web-based management – Through a Web portal interface, you have point-and-click access to your data – at any time, from anywhere – for simplified backup and recovery
  • Subscription service or licensed software – HP/Autonomy's LiveVault server backup and recovery solution can be delivered directly from HP/Autonomy or through a certified partner in two ways:
    • Subscription service provides secure off-site data storage in one of HP/Autonomy's secure underground facilities, instant scalability and unmatched ease of use, and requires no capital investment. A fully managed service, your data backups are monitored 24x7x365 through our Service Operations Center and stored at one of the most secure commercially available data centers in the world.
    • Licensed software allows you to run the server backup solution inside your own IT environments so you can centralize backup processes to assure reliable data recovery
  • Two Pricing Models for Subscription Service – Under the subscription service, LiveVault online backup and recovery can be acquired in two ways:
    • "Per GB" model allows a customer to aggregate the total amount up protection they need together an subscribe to a "pool" of GBs to protect any number of servers.  These plans begin at 10GBs and grow to 15GB, 25GB, 50GB… 250GB… 8TBs
    • "Per Server" model allows a customer to choose from three different "all you can eat" server plans and back up as much data as they wish (we recommend everything) on each server.  The "Per Server" plan sizes are: "up to 100GB", "up to 150GB" and "up to 250GB".

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