Is your data vital to your business?  Is it well enough protected? Perhaps you are looking for a more secure and easy-to-use method of storing and backing up your data?  The following stories are great examples of just how reliable, affordable and simple DataMountain data backup solutions are.

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The Children's Health Clinic

Data Mountain Testimonial of successful data backup and  recoveryThe Children’s Health Clinic is a growing Pediatric care facility located in Port Arthur Texas. They implemented eClinicalWorks as their chosen EMR solution in 2009 and originally relied upon internal on-site data backup, using so-called “RAID5” technology, to protect their practice.

“We experienced a hard disk failure and data loss event on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 just days before the 4th of July holiday. Thank goodness our server had some redundant backup capabilities and we were able to retrieve some, but not all of our data. This data loss event caused heightened alarm and concern since we rely completely on our eClinicalWorks EMR solution,” said Victor Tan, Practice Administrator.

Mr. Tan was able to contact Bob Chaput at Data Mountain and quickly work to develop a backup solution that met this growing practice’s needs within a single day. Mr. Tan said, “Data Mountain had us up and running with the LiveVault® Server backup system before the holiday weekend. I was able to rest easy knowing that our data was being backed up offsite in two very secure data vaults. I knew for certain that if we ever encountered another data loss event we would be able to fully recover our data and maintain our business without a delay in seeing patients.”
“While we did lose some data, this event could have been a much harder lesson than it turned out to be. Many people believe their data is being backed up when, in fact, it either is not happening or it cannot actually be recovered. We learned that it’s all about the recovery and not the illusion of it being backed up; we also learned that RAID5 disks could fail as well. With Data Mountain’s LiveVault® service and continuous data protection, we’re now assured we can always recover our data” added Mr. Tan.
Victor Tan, Practice Administrator | Marion Cordovez-Tan, MD, FAAP | Children’s Health Clinic

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Rocky Mountain Movement Disorders

Data  Backup and recovery testimonialA growing practice located in Engelwood, CO, The Rocky Mountain Movement Disorders Center implemented an eClincialWorks EMR in early 2009. Shortly after they implemented their EMR package, they encountered growing concerns about HIPAA Compliance and their data backups.

“Like most growing medical practices we knew we needed to implement an EMR package that would grow with us and we chose eClinicalWorks. We began encountering some issues with our backups and found Data Mountain had the best-in-industry solutions we were looking for as well as the proven experience of working with eClinicalWorks customers,” said Meg Kendal Practice Manager at Rocky Mountain Movement Disorders Center, PC. “My account representative, Debbie, even called me personally when she noticed an increase in my data storage and offered a solution.”

Kendal added ”Additionally, with tightening enforcement of HIPAA Privacy and Security, it was become increasingly more important to us to have a data backup and business continuity plan in place that helped us be compliant with those specific standards in the law. Using their LiveVault® service, Data Mountain implemented a service that would help us do just that. In addition to knowing all the nuances, ins and outs of protecting eClinicalWorks databases, they helped us understand how to create a disaster recovery plan through their complimentary webinar series.”

“What we like about LiveVault® is that it requires little effort on our part and in return it provides us with a much higher level of data protection than we had before,” said Kendal. “With tape backups you must manually perform the backup operations each night which can be problematic and certainly not in pace with current technology. Now, with LiveVault®, it works automatically in the background and on a continuous basis meaning our data is always backed up and recoverable. Today, we literally set it and forget it.”

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Strate Insurance Group, Inc.

save money with effective  data backup"Our agency, Strate Insurance Group, Inc. first started using LiveVault online data backup and recovery service that Bob and Data Mountain offered in 2005. Over the last 4+ years, our data and protection needs have continued to grow and expand. We use LiveVault to protect and secure our customer data and policies. As soon as Bob re-entered this data backup business, he called to review our current plans. We recently renewed our service agreement with Bob in which we increased our offsite storage capacity by 800% while reducing our annual costs by approximately $2,200! Bob's primary interest was making sure we got the greatest possible value from our data protection investment. He is all about his customers and I recommend his solutions and highly professional customer service without reservations."

Dianne Cooley | CISR, CPIW

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Commercial Insurance Associates

"Bob and I met in the Brentwood Chamber about 6 years ago. In 2005, we started doing business together. Bob has provided LiveVault online data backup and recovery services to our firm — Commercial Insurance Associates — since that time. Over the years, Bob has proactively worked with us to increase our data protection and reduce our fees. Most recently, he did it again by increasing our data backup capacity by 20% and simultaneously reducing our fees by 7.5%. As I said to Bob in our recent meeting — “we do business with you because we trust you”. In many respects, we’re in the same business – risk management. Additionally, Bob goes above and beyond by providing us with general technology updates, vendor recommendations and a monthly data protection eNewsletter. I would encourage any business owner or leader ready to address the risk around their data assets to consider Bob and his Data Mountain team."

Johnny Thompson | Chief Financial Officer

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America's Family Doctors

Data  Mountain automatic data backupsAmerica's Family Doctors (www.afdclinics.com) is a family medical practice based outside of Nashville, TN. The company has 30 employees across two separate offices in Brentwood and Smyrna. The clinic uses a state-of-the-art, computerized paperless system to track all patient data, and to serve its patients in a more time-efficient manner.

"Tape just wasn't trustworthy," said Dr. Steve Samudrala, one of the doctors at America's Family Doctors. "Testing the backups was a pain and we were never sure if the backups were being performed correctly. Getting the data offsite was also problematic and not worth the cost or time."

"What we like about LiveVault is that we don't have to buy any equipment or manually perform any backups—all of our data is automatically backed up on a continuous basis," said Dr. Samudrala. "LiveVault also gives us the ability to easily test our restores, so we can be confident that all our data is being backed up without any problems."

"LiveVault TurboRestore is great, because in our business, we need immediate access to our medical records," said Dr. Samudrala. "If we need to restore large medical record files, TurboRestore assures us that it's recovered in an instant, so we don't need to delay our work."

What LiveVault provides most to Family Doctors, though, is peace of mind. Dr. Samudrala says that LiveVault helps him grow his business without any worries. "What we bought with LiveVault is confidence that our data is secure. We can't grow without that confidence, so it's nice to have a partner such as LiveVault that assures us that our data is always protected."

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MedSouth Healthcare, P.C.

“Up until recently, we performed data backups including EPHI using traditional magnetic tape.  With the stringent HIPAA SECURITY requirements for exact-copy data and assured recovery, we had serious concerns about continuing to use tape; there are just too many risks. With LiveVault, we have complete confidence that all EPHI and business data is being backed up 24/7 and that we will always be able to restore it. HP/Autonomy helped us become immediately and fully compliant with this aspect of the law" said David Alred, Administrator

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Adams Outdoor Advertising

Secure  online backupsAdams Outdoor advertising is the sixth largest provider of outdoor billboard advertising in the U.S. In the advertising business, a company's past accomplishments are paramount to securing future business. Prospective clients need to see the results that an advertising campaign has secured. For Adams Outdoor Advertising, they have a bevy of past campaigns that they love to point their prospective customers to because of their success. However, this information all resides on the company's server, and to lose any of that information would cripple the company.

"This electronic data is our lifeblood. Our server holds critical customer information, details on our campaigns, advertising pictures, inventory, as well as everything from billing and accounting to marketing information," said Ron Lewis, Controller of Adams Outdoor Advertising. "Not only that, but our data is constantly changing and growing. If we lost any of this information, it would seriously compromise our ability to effectively do business."

"I have a friend in the banking industry, who also has significant amounts of business-critical electronic data, and she recommended that I look at the LiveVault Online Backup and Data Recovery Service," said Lewis. "I was impressed. A short while later, our corporate office also suggested that we consider LiveVault. Many backup vendors promise reliability, but to hear the benefits of the service first-hand from real users made a difference."

Lewis said, "Every time I think about a few of those restores, I thank LiveVault. If we were to lose that information, I don't know what we would do. With LiveVault, I was able to quickly recover all of the lost information in less than five minutes."

"When I tell people about the benefits of this service, they don't believe me, because it sounds too good to be true," said Lewis. "LiveVault guarantees the integrity and restorability of our data. I would recommend this service to anyone — it's the best that I've ever seen."

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Farrell Fritz, Leading Long Island Law Firm

Easy  online backupFor Farrell Fritz, P.C., one of Long Island's largest and most respected law firms, document control and management is their lifeline. Losing them is their worst nightmare. As with any other law firm, Farrell Fritz has vital data stored on its servers, such as legal documents, e-mail and file attachments. If anything were to happen to this data, it would take hours or days for Farrell Fritz to recreate it.

"LiveVault online backup & recovery met all of our criteria," said Ercolano. "It continuously saves all changes to an offsite vault, so we can recover all of our information up to the minute of a disaster. The service is easy to install, requires no IT maintenance, and it is cost-effective—plus we know that our information can always be recovered. We also know that we can trust LiveVault with our information."

"The great thing about this service is that it's like a 'Restore For Dummies,'" said Ercolano. "The service is that easy. With LiveVault, I am confident that no matter what happens to our servers, our electronic data will always be fully recoverable, in just moments."

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McCeney & Martin CPA's, LLC

easy  data backupMcCeney & Martin Certified Public Accountants, LLC is a small CPA firm based in Franklin, Tenn.

"We used to back up our data to tape each night, but we soon realized that our business was extremely vulnerable to data loss," said Philip Martin, principal of McCeney & Martin. "We never verified that the backups were being done correctly, and we never arranged to get our tapes offsite. If a fire or flood hit our building, all of our electronic data would be gone and our business would have to face the consequences."

"Insurance doesn't cover the one thing that my business needs to stay up and running following a disaster," said Martin. "We can always relocate our place of business, but our data is irreplaceable. Therefore, we need a way to protect it, no matter what."

"What we like about LiveVault is that it requires no effort on our part and provides us with a much higher level of data protection," said Martin. "With tape backup, we had to manually perform the backup operation each night. However, LiveVault works automatically in the background and on a continuous basis meaning that our data is always backed up and recoverable."

"One time I had to find a tax return file, and it took me an hour and a half to find that one file on the backup tape," said Martin. "With LiveVault, I can easily restore that same file with just a couple of clicks."

Most importantly, though, LiveVault provides McCeney & Martin with a peace of mind. "I can't fathom the ramifications if we were to lose our data. We might as well close up shop," said Martin. "With LiveVault, I know I don't have to worry about that. Our data is always backed up and kept secure offsite, meaning even if we were to suffer a hardware failure or physical disaster, we'll still be able to carry on with all of our customer data intact."

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Nolensville Family Medicine

safe  online backupNolensville Family Medicine is a 13-person medical practice based in Nolensville, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. Nolensville Family is a state-of-the-art medical practice and is now maintaining its patient records, claims and appointments electronically.

Until recently, Nolensville Family used tape-based backup to protect its data. Unfortunately, this form of data protection did not adequately meet HIPAA regulations, as it was unreliable and could not ensure that the company's data would be fully recoverable in the event of a disaster.

"Tape was such a hassle for us," said Cissy Mangrum, practice manager for Nolensville Family Medicine. "Oftentimes when we backed up data, we would get an error message, or later find out that the tape didn't back up correctly. Under HIPAA, we are required to have a backup system that is completely recoverable. Tape just wasn't cutting it."

"Once we saw how LiveVault worked, we knew it was the perfect solution for our business," said Mangrum. "LiveVault easily backs up our data and guarantees the recovery of it, putting our minds at ease over complying with HIPAA."

"No matter what happens to our server, LiveVault ensures that our data is always safe and recoverable," said Mangrum. "That not only gives us peace of mind, but is also reassuring to our patients, as they know their medical records are always protected."

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